MATHY Guarantees Optimum Lubricity in Extreme Applications!

More Performance and Less Wear

Since 1994 TÜV has confirmed reduction of friction and wear

MATHY-M Engine Oil Additive improves the lubricity of engine oils. An addition of 10% to the engine oil optimizes the driving experience and performance of a tuned engine. Rise in temperature caused by high speeds (rpm) is minimized and viscosity is held steady.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduction of wear
  • Decrease in oil temperature
  • Performance improvement
  • Reduction of noise
  • Extension of engine service-live

Frequently asked questions

How does MATHY-M boost the performance of tuned engines?

Optimized lubricity is of extreme importance for tuned engines. Higher speeds (rpm) and temperatures distinguish tuned engines from standard engines. By reducing internal friction MATHY-M keeps the engine oil cooler and thus provides a better protection of the engine even at higher speeds (rpm). A smoothly running engine releases more power which is transferred to the wheel.

My tuned engine gets louder at high temperatures. Is MATHY able to help?

Engine oils thin out at high temperatures and lose lubricity, which may result in louder engine noises. Rattling of the hydraulic valve lifter, bearing noise, and rough engine running are possible indicators. MATHY-M prevents a temperature increase and keeps the lubricating film stable. Due to the additional improvement of the adhesive power on the metal surface even other critical areas in the engine remain adequately wetted with a lubricated film.

How can I use MATHY-M engine oil additive?

We recommend an internal engine cleaning with MATHY-C engine cleaner right before the next oil change. Then add 10% MATHY-M engine oil additive to the new oil. MATHY-M reaches full effectiveness after a running-in period of approx. 30 minutes.

In which engine oils can MATHY-M be used?

MATHY-M can be used in all mineral, partly-synthetic, and fully-synthetic engine oils of viscosity grades SAE 0-60. Like any hydrocarbon based mineral oil it bonds one-to-one with the given oil. This bond remains stable until the next oil change.

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MATHY-M Motor Oil Additive

MATHY-M is a latest technology high-performance motor / engine oil additive. Without containing solid lubricants it significantly improves the quality of mineral, partly synthetic, or fully synthetic motor oils ranging from 0 – 60 SAE. By adding MATHY-M to the engine oil an optimum lubricity is established. The engines run smoother and wear is reduced to a minimum.

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MATHY-C Engine Cleaner

MATHY-C is a highly effective engine cleaner which is used for flushing and cleaning petrol / gasoline and diesel engines (even with catalyst and turbocharger). MATHY-C is particularly effective in removing sludge deposits (black sludge) in the engine. Special cleaning additives dissolve deposits and dirt, which can then be drained with the engine oil during an oil change. MATHY-C is the right product if you missed the last oil change!

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Viscosity Stabilizer

MATHY-VS is a highly effective additive to stabilize the viscosity of engine oils. It counteracts engine oil dilution and improves the sealing between piston and cylinder wall. By using MATHY-VS existing oil combustion is reduced and permanent oil loss is minimized. Engine oil stabilized by MATHY-VS does not enter the combustion chamber of the cylinder anymore. Even at high temperatures the lubricating film remains stable and the oil pressure constant.

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MATHY 10W-60 Racing

SAE 10W-60 Racing is a year-round engine oil which can be used in petrol / gasoline and Diesel engines. It secures a high efficiency, particularly for extremely stressed four-stroke engines. Oil sludge formation and corrosion are prevented. SAE 10W-60 Racing Oil is the perfect base oil for use with MATHY-M engine oil additive, MATHY-VS viscosity stabilizer or DropStop sealing additive.

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