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 In order to maintain the driving pleasure with your off-roader for a long time, the MATHY product range offers perfect protection for all engines and the entire fuel system. MATHY additives reduce friction and wear on all moving parts of engines, transmissions, axel drives and differential gears.

Particularly, in extreme conditions you have to take care of the heavily stressed components of your off-roader. The use of MATHY in the engine and transmission increases the compressive strength of the oil film many times over and reduces the susceptibility to failure of your off-roader. The power transmission from the engine to the driving wheels and the smoothness of driving is significantly improved and stabilized.

  • Lowered oil temperature
  • Reduced wear
  • Optimized start behavior
  • Increasesd compressive strength of the lubricating film
  • Extended the life span of highly stressed parts

MATHY additives can be used in off-roaders in the following areas:

The Most Common Questions about the Application of Mathy products in Off-roaders

What effects do MATHY additives have on an off-roader?

MATHY additives optimize the lubricating properties of engine, gearbox and differential oils. Oil-immersed components are protected for a longer period of time and produce less abrasion. This reduces the wear in the units and extends their service life.

How complex is the use of MATHY additives?

The application is very simple. MATHY fuel additives are added to the tank right before refueling. Engine and gear oil additives can be fed to the units by yourself or by car repair shop staff without problems. In addition, each product comes with a detailed application note.

Can MATHY additives solve technical problems of off-roaders?

MATHY additives can balance and minimize the rattling of hydraulic tappets, rough engine noise, poor starting behavior, notchy transmission shifts, and loss of performance. Wear-related problems are substantially reduced.

In which areas are MATHY additives applied?

MATHY additives are used in engines, manual transmissions, automatic transmissions, differential gears, power steering systems, hydraulics, injection pumps, turbochargers, differential / rear axles, compressors, and others.

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