MATHY Kraftstoff Additive für Motorräder

Mathy‘s Fuel Additives Optimize the Combustion

High Operating Force and Simple Application

Only a working fuel system transfers power to the wheel

For many years MATHY‘s fuel additives have been known in the motorcycle scene for many years. Regular addition of MATHY-Additives to the fuel tank gently restores full performance of the fuel system and contributes to maintaining the value of your motorcycle. Cleaning components sustainably improve the combustion process und optimize fuel consumption.

Advantages at a glance

  • Cleans the entire fuel system
  • Optimizes fuel consumption
  • Improves the combustion process
  • Reduces NOx emissions
  • Improves starting behavior

Frequently asked questions

How are MATHY fuel additives applied?

The application is very simple. MATHY fuel additives are added to the almost empty tank right before refueling.

How often should MATHY fuel additives be used?

We recommend a permanent addition of MATHY-F fuel additive. It gently cleans and sustainably keeps the fuel system and combustion chamber clean.

Do MATHY fuel additives influence fuel consumption?

Only a trouble-free functioning fuel system can work efficiently. When a soiled system is freed from coking with the help of MATHY additives, the fuel consumption is also optimized.

Can starting difficulties be reduced after the winter break?

When motorcycles are first started after the winter break, a rough engine run can often be a problem. One of the reasons is the drop of the octane rating. Due to downtimes (winter) components evaporate into the ambient air. This reduces the quality of the petrol / gasoline. If the petrol / gasoline fuel no longer has a sufficiently high octane rating, the combustion process is disturbed and the engine runs roughly.

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Our problem solvers for a clean fuel system

MATHY-BE Gasoline System Cleaner

MATHY-BE is a specially formulated fuel additive for all fuels in petrol / gasoline engines. The active component combination for ethanol, petrol and ethanol-petrol blends has a highly effective cleansing and maintenance effect. MATHY-BE prevents damage to the fuel-carrying components. Possible deposits which reduce the efficiency of the fuel system are dissolved and burnt residue-free.

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