MATHY Additives Are Made for World Records!

With Optimum Lubrication Through the Season

MATHY additives protect the engine, transmission, and injection system even during extended downtimes.

In order to start the new season trouble-free, motorcycle owners should start preparations in the fall. A rough engine running after the winter often has a simple cause. The octane number of the fuel remaining in the tank has dropped during the winter months. To tackle this problem, we recommend the use of fuel additives made by MATHY before the winter season. In addition, these additives clean the entire fuel system and keep it clean during permanent use.

  • Stabilization of the fuel
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Optimized fuel consumption
  • Increased performance
  • Better starting behavior
  • Reduced wear

MATHY additives can be used in motorcycles in the following areas:

The Most Common Questions about the Application of Mathy Additives in Motorcycles

What effects do MATHY additives have on the wet clutch / oil bath clutch of my motorcycle?

Modern motorcycles with oil bath clutches that use semi-synthetic and fully synthetic oils run smoothly with MATHY products. The clutch is not affected by MATHY-M as it only reduces the friction between metallic surfaces.

Which MATHY additive can I use in two-stroke engine?

Our two-stroke additive MATHY-TS was particularly developed for two-stroke engines. It offers excellent wear and corrosion protection. In addition, MATHY-TS reduces the development of blue smoke.

Are additives also usable with manual transmissions and rear wheel drives?

Yes, there are. The use of our gear oil additive MATHY-T reduces wear, optimizes gear shifting and minimizes existing noise.

Can I also use DropStop as a seal additive for my motorcycle with wet clutch / oil bath clutch?

You can safely use DropStop in your motorcycle and quad. All elastomeric seals and shaft seals will be elastic and tight again. DropStop can be mixed with all mineral and synthetic oils.

How often should MATHY fuel additives be used in motorcycles?

In order to keep the fuel system, the tank, and the combustion chamber clean, we recommend a permanent use of MATHY fuel additives. Only a clean fuel system ensures trouble-free driving. In addition, MATHY fuel additives optimize the combustion process.

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