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TEC 12 surface care with long-lasting effect

Our TEC 12 Surface Treatment Series offers motorcyclists an all-round protection for painted surfaces, plastics, metal surfaces, and rubber. Manufactured using the latest acrylic technology, the products clean, maintain, and protect all smooth surfaces in one application and have a long-lasting effect.

MATHY Universal Maintenance Spray and Dry Chain Spray extend the service-life of motorcycle chains

The technical maintenance sprays of our MATHY series clean and protect motorcycle chains and extend their service-life. The easy and quick application of both sprays considerably reduce the maintenance effort. The well controlled dosage ensures an effective application and prevents excessive product consumption.

Advantages at a glance

  • High gloss level (TEC12)
  • No white residues (TEC12)
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Excellent creeping effect
  • Very good throw-off behavior

Frequently asked questions

How long does MATHY-KS Dry Chain Spray stay on the motorcycle chain?

Subject to driving conditions and vehicle usage. Sparingly respray MATHY-KS Dry Chain Spray every 500 km. During longer journeys in the rain respray regularly.

Where else can MATHY-WS Universal Maintenance Spray be applied?

MATHY-WS Universal Maintenance Spray can be used as precleaner for the motorcycle chain, as a rust remover, for the lubrication of Bowden cables, and all other movable parts (joints) on the motorcycle.

How often should TEC12 Paint Finisher be used?

TEC12 Paint Finisher (spray) ensures a long-lasting protection on all smooth surfaces. Depending on the use of the motorcycle two sparing applications per season are recommended.

May TEC12 Polish also be used with a polishing machine?

Yes, TEC12 Polish is suitable for polishing machines. Without much effort this polish also shows very good results when applied manually.

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Our product series for perfect maintenance

MATHY-KS Chain Spray

MATHY-KS is a fully synthetic, dry, and highly adhesive chain spray. This special lubricant is particularly suitable for use against aging, corrosion, and wear on the motorcycle and other chain-driven units. The high PTFE solid content guarantees a grease-free sealing of the entire surface.

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MATHY-WS Universal Maintenance Spray

MATHY-WS is a universal maintenance spray that is particularly well suited for open lubrication with high protection against weather effects. It contains special adhesive components that prevent the lubricating film from being thrown off. Creep-active agents ensure long-term lubrication even in hard-to-reach places.

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