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Less wear and improved corrosion protection during long downtimes

The addition of MATHY-T results in a significantly better lubricity in boat gears. This applies to all commercially available gear oils. The compressive strength of the lubricating film is increased, resulting in a reduction of wear on the highly loaded tooth flanks of the gearbox.

The addition of MATHY-T results in an improvement of the corrosion protection and can be applied to all commercially available gear oils. The adhesion of a MATHY-T and oil mixture is significantly higher than that of commercially available gear oils. The MATHY-T and oil mixture will adhere seamlessly to the metal surfaces, even during longer periods of downtime, e.g. during a winter break. It does not run off like commercial oils. In addition, MATHY-T penetrates the surface of metals. As a result, the corrosion protection contained in MATHY-T remains intact even during long downtimes. The addition of MATHY-T also has a cleaning effect and keeps the boat gearbox clean in the long run.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduction of wear in the boat gear
  • Improvement of corrosion protection
  • Optimization of power transmission
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Contributes to the value retention of the boat

Frequently asked questions

Why should boat owners supplement gear oils with MATHY-T Gear Oil Additive?

The use of MATHY-T increases the compressive strength of transmission oils in boat gearboxes. This decreases wear and improves corrosion protection. Especially in a salt water environment combined with long lay times, an increased corrosion protection is tremendously important. MATHY-T transfers exactly these properties into the gear oil and protects it in the long run.

What are the practical benefits of using MATHY-T for the boat owner?

The gears run smoother and with less vibration. Usually, you can already notice this difference a couple of minutes after the addition of MATHY-M. Especially for transmissions that often run for a short time only, i.e. are started frequently, an immediate lubricating effect is very important. The operating temperature of the gearbox is significantly lowered by MATHY-T. Gearboxes lubricated with MATHY-T are less susceptible to repair and have a longer service life. MATHY-T makes transmission significantly smoother. Depending on the design of the gearbox, this can lead to an increase in power that arrives at the propeller.

How to dose MATHY-T?

We recommend a complete gearbox oil change before switching to MATHY. Then add at least 10% MATHY-T to the fresh gear oil. In order to treat excessive transmission noise and sticking gears it is possible to replace up to 50% of gearbox oil with MATHY-T.

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MATHY-T Transmission Oil Additive

MATHY-T is a high performance gearbox oil additive, especially used in manual gear boxes and differentials. Adding MATHY-T to gear boxes and rear axles noticeably reduces wear by up to 90% (proven by laboratory tests). MATHY-T is free of solid substances. It is specifically recommended for gear box oils of SAE ratings 75 to 140 with particular high pressure resistance and can also be used with hypoid oils.

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