Hier wirkt MATHY in Booten und Schiffen

MATHY – Long-term Protection and Care for Boat Engines

Less Smoke Formation during Cold Starts

Optimum care during long lay times. MATHY protects against corrosion.

Probably every skipper knows the little aches and pains that can distress boat engines and boat owners, like problems starting the engine, especially after long lay periods, rough and loud running of the engine, high fuel consumption, corrosion, loss of oil and much more. Of course, there is no cure that could give an engine or the fuel system perfect eternal life, but there are oil and fuel additives that can fix or even eliminate some technical deficiencies.

MATHY additives reduce wear, minimize abrasion, dissolve deposits, increase corrosion protection and possess good emergency running properties. Regarding fuels, MATHY products improve the combustion process. Impurities are dissolved, nozzles cleaned, pollutant emissions reduced and the fuel is stabilized.

  • Less smoke during cold starts
  • Optimization of fuel consumption
  • High corrosion protection in the engine
  • Elimination of oil sludge
  • Reduction of wear

MATHY additives can be used in boats and ships in the following areas:

The Most Common Questions about the Application of Mathy Products in Boat and Ship

What effects do MATHY additives have on the boat engine?

MATHY additives clean the oil circuit and the fuel system. They optimize the oil and fuel flow and keep the fluid circuit clean. In addition, the wear in boat engines is reduced and their technical lifetime is extended. With regular use, downtimes are minimized and after long lay periods in the winter months the cold start is improved and a frequent occurrence of smoke is reduced.

How do I apply MATHY additives in boat engines?

MATHY additives are added to engine oils and fuels. For each product we provide detailed instructions for use.

My marine engine smokes during each cold start, can MATHY additives solve the problem?

Unclean combustion and old fuels often cause significant smoke in the cold start phase of marine engines. Regular use of MATHY additives can solve these problems. MATHY-M Motor Oil Additive cleans the oil circuit and prevents the formation of new coking. Our fuel additives clean the injectors, valves and combustion chambers. Only a clean fuel system ensures optimal combustion and reduced smoke formation.

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