Our Contribution to Maintaining the Value of Classic Technique!

Easy to Use and Optimum Protection

Longevity for classic and vintage cars is our strength

Anyone who has had the opportunity to drive an old vehicle has experienced the leap into another world. Here, life is more contemplative and the technique is more direct. You can feel the mechanics under your feet and listen to the sounds. This feeling should stay with you for as long as possible. Engine and vehicle should last long. This is the reason why we took over the ingenious lubricant technology from Otto Mathé more than 30 years ago. 70 years of experience in the development of lubricants and additives assures quality products.

  • Corrosion prevention
  • Wear reduction
  • Protection against deterioration during longer periods of downtime
  • Increased operational safety
  • Improved start behavior

MATHY additives can be used in classic and vintage cars in the following areas:

The Most Common Questions about the Application of Mathy Products in Classic and Vintage Cars

What are the benefits of MATHÉ Classic Motor Oil Additive for classic and vintage cars?

MATHÉ Classic Motor Oil Additive is particularly well suited for engines that use slightly thicker oils. Older engines were not made with the same precision and gap dimensions as modern engines. Thicker oil counteracts increased oil consumption. Another great advantage is the excellent corrosion protection, which also protects the engine from surface corrosion. Of course, your engine is also optimally protected against further wear thanks to the improved lubricating effect of MATHÉ Classic Motor Oil Additive.

Can MATHÉ Classic Motor Oil Additive also be used on remanufactured engines?

Especially with refurbished or overhauled engines, MATHÉ Classic Motor Oil Additive can prove two of its characteristics particularly well, minimizing wear and preventing deposits. The engine stays clean from the start and the oil passages remain free of deposits. This ensures optimum oil flow through all lubricated components inside the engine.

Which components are protected by the MATHÉ Classic Fuel Additive?

MATHÉ Classic Fuel Additive (stabilizer)protects all fuel-carrying components, such as the fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, injectors, and carburetor. Also, the inlet and exhaust valves are protected from contamination and deposits due to better fuel combustion. Furthermore, the MATHÉ Classic Fuel Additive keeps the fuel stable. This ensures a smooth start after the long idle period in the winter.ilisator den Kraftstoff zündstabil. Dies sorgt für einen problemlosen Start nach der langen Stillstandzeit im Winter.

Which MATHÉ products are used to reduce rear axle noises?

In order to eliminate the noise emissions of the rear axle, the old rear axle oil is drained and replaced with fresh oil plus 30% MATHÉ Classic Gear Oil Additive. After a run-in period of approximately 1,500 km, the background noise should be reduced noticeably and the distance due to wear between the tooth flanks should be balanced by increasing the pressure resistance of the rear axle oil.

In which aggregates can MATHÉ Classic Additives be used?

MATHÉ Classic Additives can be used in engines, transmissions, steering aids, hydraulic systems, injection pumps, turbochargers, differentials, turbines, compressors, fuel systems, and many other units where optimum lubrication, cleaning, care, and protection are required.

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