MATHY Schmierstoffe in der Schifffahrt

Less Stays in the Shipyard and a Better Environmental Balance!

Shipping Industry

Special challenges require special products.

MATHY marine products can solve many problems in order to compete with rivals and cope with increasing environmental regulations for shipping. In one ship, tested by Mathy, the use of MATHY additives reduced oil consumption by 50% and reduced gas oil consumption by 7.7%. The additive also reduced vibration of the engine and diminished emissions. Make and keep your fleet competitive. Save money by increasing productivity, reducing or eliminating downtime and shipyard visits.

Continuing further development of our products and adaptations to the requirements of the shipping industry guarantee competitive advantages without much effort.

  • Reduced shipyard stays
  • Improved environmental balance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Protection of the aggregates
  • Decreased consumption of lubricants and fuels

MATHY products are suitable for the following units of the ship

  • 2-stroke engines
  • Transmission (e.g. Z-transmission)
  • Auxiliary engines
  • Separators
  • Compressors

Our quality is measurable

MATHY products have been tested and certified by TÜV since 1994!

Frequently asked questions and answers

Where can MATHY additives be used in ships?

MATHY products can be used in the following engines: gasoline, diesel, and two-stroke engines, in air- and water-cooled engines, as well as in power generators, also in manual, reversing, Z, and winch drives. Furthermore, they can be applied in hydraulic systems, assistant gears and servo drives, all metallic bearings and sliding points, such as windlass, shaft bearings, winches, boat davits, joints, as well as all parts with running rigging.

What effect do MATHY additives have on ships?

MATHY additives reduce wear in motors and gearboxes. Extended service lives and fewer workshop visits are the result. Possible fuel and lubricant savings as well as less wear on spare parts reduce operating costs. Resulting higher productivity and cost-effectiveness increase competitiveness. In one of our test ships, the use of MATHY additives reduced oil consumption by 50% and reduced gas oil consumption by 7.7%.

Why is it worthwhile to use MATHY additives for environmental reasons?

Due to ever stricter emission standards for cars, trucks, etc., it is important to monitor pollutant emissions in shipping, too. Recent media publications have shown that inland vessels as well as ocean-going vessels are becoming more and more the focus of attention of national and international shipping inspectorates. MATHY additives have been proven to reduce pollutant emissions and thus contribute to a better environmental balance of ships.

How can MATHY additives help reduce operating costs?

In addition to the potential fuel and lubricant savings there is still another significant cost that can be reduced by using our products. At certain intervals, it is necessary to revise or replace certain aggregates due to wear, such as engines and transmissions. By reducing wear with the help of our products, it is possible to extend these periods, which substantially decrease the annual cost of renewing and revising the units.

Example: Engine revision every 5 years

Cost € 20,000 = € 4,000 / year

Extension of the interval by MATHY additives to, e.g. 7 years

Cost € 20,000 = € 2,857 / year

Cost saving € 1,143 / year

(The annual cost savings vary from ship to ship.)

Less downtime due to shipyard stays as well as lower costs for spare parts also help to save operating costs. Productivity is sustainably increased.