MATHY-M Engine Oil Additive – Only the Best for Racing Engines!

More than 70 Years of Experience in Racing

Only optimal lubrication performance protects racing engines in the long run.

Many racing teams are constantly trying to get more power out of their racing engines. Often it is only several horsepower. However, that is exactly what matters in order to successfully cross the finish line.

By using MATHY-M engine oil additive, racing engines are safely pushed to their performance limits. It reduces the internal resistance and allows all the power to arrive at the wheel. MATHY-M is characterized by excellent emergency running properties. In extreme situations, the lubricating film is retained and protects the engine from damage.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduction of oil temperature
  • Optimization of performance
  • Improvement of emergency running properties
  • Reduction of wear

Frequently asked questions

How is MATHY-M used in racing engines?

After an oil change, add 20% MATHY-M to the fresh engine oil. Once the engine has reached operating temperature, MATHY-M will form a stable compound with the engine oil.

Does MATHY-M contain solids?

MATHY-M engine oil additive is free of solids. The technology is based on liquid hydrocarbon compounds.

Can MATHY-M be used in a new racing engine?

Especially with new racing engines, MATHY-M can immediately develop its protective properties. Highest wear protection from the beginning ensures a trouble-free racing season.

What is the experience with the use of MATHY-M in racing engines?

For many years successful racers in different series have been using MATHY-M in motorsport. World records, European championships, German championships, and historic racing present only small part of success in recent decades.

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Our problem solvers for the engine

MATHY-M Motor Oil Additive

MATHY-M is a latest technology high-performance motor / engine oil additive. Without containing solid lubricants it significantly improves the quality of mineral, partly synthetic, or fully synthetic motor oils ranging from 0 – 60 SAE. By adding MATHY-M to the engine oil an optimum lubricity is established. The engines run smoother and wear is reduced to a minimum.

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MATHY 10W-60 Racing

SAE 10W-60 Racing is a year-round engine oil which can be used in petrol / gasoline and Diesel engines. It secures a high efficiency, particularly for extremely stressed four-stroke engines. Oil sludge formation and corrosion are prevented. SAE 10W-60 Racing Oil is the perfect base oil for use with MATHY-M engine oil additive, MATHY-VS viscosity stabilizer or DropStop sealing additive.

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