MATHY Schmierstoffe für Windkraftanlagen

Reduce Susceptibility to Failure of Your Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines

MATHY reduces the frequency of repairs and the cost of oil changes of wind turbine gearboxes.

MATHY additives improve lubrication and ensure a significant increase in performance and great cost savings in the operation of wind turbines. Operators particularly appreciate the preventive effect of the high-performance additives regarding lubricant-related problems. MATHY has been proven to help reduce maintenance and repair costs. Extended maintenance and service intervals, higher machine reliability, longer lifespan of the units, and lower consumption of lubricants and fuels are the measurable results of plant operators who apply our additives. Longer downtimes are also a problem of the past as we provide better emergency running characteristics.

In short, we increase productivity and lower costs.

  • Increased compressive strength
  • Forestalling micro pitting
  • Less downtime
  • Extension of maintenance intervals
  • Increased longevity

Large Containers at Commercial Prices

All MATHY containers are also available as large containers. For individual prices and quantities, please contact our sales department.

Frequently asked questions and answers

May I use MATHY in all transmissions of wind turbines?

Yes. MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 can be used in all high-grade WT transmission oils.

How does MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 work in transmissions of wind turbines?

This additive effectively increases the performance of high-alloyed WT transmission oils. MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 is based on synthetic hydrocarbons of the latest technology and is 100% free of solids. It increases the compressive strength of the existing gear oil and, in addition, provides greater adhesion to the tooth flanks, making them less susceptible to micro pitting, which is one of the most common problems with the operation of wind turbines. It can be used in all synthetic gear oils based on hydrocarbons.

How does MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 help save money in the operation of wind turbines?

MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 increases the service life of the units. It reduces the costs for maintenance and service by extending the oil change intervals (with monitoring the quality of the oil). Downtimes are shortened and maintenance intervals are extended, resulting in increased productivity. A general reduction in operating costs makes the operation of your wind turbines more profitable. Since the replacement of the transmission of a wind turbine is associated with high costs, there is a potential extension of the exchange cycle here, which leads to the largest savings. Some plants operated with the use MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 have been running trouble-free for more than 7 years.

How can wear reduction be noticed?

Most wind turbines contain inspection glasses, which make the wear of the system visible. Chips are accumulating in these inspection glasses. The more chips, the greater the wear. MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 will reduce wear, which will be reflected by reduced turbidity in the inspection glass. Since each wind turbine is stressed differently, a regular oil inspection is essential. This determines the extent to which the prescribed oil change intervals may be covered. The oil inspection is performed by an independent laboratory. Again, we are happy to answer any questions you have.

How can MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 improve the relationship between economic efficiency and operating costs?

The aging process reduces the efficiency of the plants, meaning the operating costs rise with increasing age of the plants. Each year of plant operation the risk of failure increases and as a result the cost-effectiveness of the systems is endangered. MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 lowers the risk of failure due to its wear-reducing effects and extended oil change intervals. As a result, wind farms are able to continue to operate profitably.