MATHY Schmierstoffe für Seilbahnen und Skilifte

Optimum Functionality Even in Extreme Weather Conditions

Cableways & Ski Lifts

Constant heavy loads, extreme temperatures as well as a wide variety of weather conditions shorten the lifespan of these systems or their individual components.

MATHY products sustainably improve lubrication, increase pressure resistance, protect against corrosion and adhere to the surface for a long time. Mathy additives effectively keep the units and there components clean. All these properties are important for the operation of these systems and have been paid special attention to in the development of our products. Years of experience in the development of lubricants have let to increased productivity and shortened downtime of the systems.

  • High cold and thermal stability
  • High adhesive properties
  • Protection against rust and wear
  • Less downtime
  • Minimized repair costs

Mathy products are suitable for the following systems:

  • Drag, rope and baby lift
  • T-bar lift
  • Chairlift, ropeways, and aerial cableway
  • Funicular and reversible aerial tramway
  • Inclined elevator
  • Sleigh lift
  • Overhead track and suspension railway
  • Gondola

Frequently asked questions and answers

Where are MATHY products used in cableways?

They are used in the oil circuits of engines and transmissions. Mathy additives can be applied to parts that need to be greased and lubricated, such as the wire rope strands and all aggregates and components that must be kept free of corrosion and dirt.

How do MATHY additives work in engines and transmissions of cableways?

MATHY additives used in engine and gearbox oil circuits reduce friction which decrease wear. The oil temperature is kept low and the units are kept clean from the inside. In addition, our products increase the compressive strength of the existing oils. This, for instance, offsets bearing clearances and pressure peaks in gearboxes. Therefore, MATHY additives ensure less failure and an increased longevity of the individual components and thus of the units.

How do MATHY additives protect moving parts of cableways?

MATHY additives are characterized by a high adhesion, high creep effect and high protection against corrosion. They are weather and water resistant and defy cold and warm weather extremes. They have a reliable long-term lubrication, which prevents normal and fretting corrosion. Aging, shear and work stability ensure lubrication during heavy loads. Running noises and operating temperature are minimized. These properties lead to a reduction of maintenance intervals. Operational safety and productivity are increased.