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MATHY’s gearbox additives are oil additives for manual and automatic gearboxes as well as differentials. They improve their lubricating properties, increase compressive strength and insure trouble-free and reliable operation even under extreme operating conditions. Adding MATHY gearbox oil additives to the gearbox oil reduces wear and improves the performance of the units.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduces wear of gear wheels
  • Stabalizes the lubricating film
  • Increases service-life
  • Keeps the gearbox free from resinification
  • Improves gear switching

Frequently asked questions

Can MATHY additives resolve gear switching problems?

Adding MATHY gearbox additives improves lubricity and increases compressive strength. Gear wheels and transmission bearings are supported in their motion process and switching operations become noticeably smoother. A given wear clearance is balanced and gear switching is improved.

How to fix a noisy rear axle?

Rear axle noise results from increased wear at the flanks of gear wheels. If the wear clearance becomes too much the rear axle starts getting noisy. By adding MATHY-T to the rear axle oil, the wear clearance is balanced and the noise is reduced. Additional wear is prevented.

How do I use MATHY gear oil additives?

Add MATHY gearbox oil to the new oil after an oil change according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Replace at least 10% of the gearbox oil by MATHY gearbox oil additive in order to reduce wear. In case of substantial shifting problems and loud running noises up to 50% additive may be added. After about 1,500 km the problems should have noticeably been reduced.

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MATHY-T Transmission Oil Additive

MATHY-T is a high performance gearbox oil additive, especially used in manual gear boxes and differentials. Adding MATHY-T to gear boxes and rear axles noticeably reduces wear by up to 90% (proven by laboratory tests). MATHY-T is free of solid substances. It is specifically recommended for gear box oils of SAE ratings 75 to 140 with particular high pressure resistance and can also be used with hypoid oils.

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MATHY-TA Automatic Transmission Oil Additive

MATHY-TA is an oil additive for ATF oils in cars and commercial vehicles (oils of SAE ratings 0 to 50). It can be used in automatic gearboxes and, if applicable, in power steerings (like ATF 1-3, Dexron or Mercon). The automatic gearbox is protected from deposits and the hydraulic and mechanical processes within the gearbox are optimized. MATHY-TA is free of solid substances and does not cause deposits.

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MATHY-TDG Direct Shift Gearbox Additive

Adding MATHY-TDG improves the lubricity of gearbox oils and optimizes gear changes. Thermal stress in warmer parts of the gearbox is reduced and the stability of the oil is increased. Existing noise in the gearbox is minimized by MATHY-TDG and further wear is stopped. Cleaning components sustainably protect the gearbox, remove and prevent impurities.

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MATHY-ATR Automatic Transmission Cleaner

MATHY-ATR is a highly active cleaner which removes deposits and residues in the automatic transmission. Optimum gear changing is restored and guaranteed. The service life of the automatic gearbox is extended.

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MATHY TDL SAE 75W-90 is a partly synthetic multi-grade gearbox oil for synchronized and non-synchronized gearboxes as well as for hypoid bevel rear axle drives. MATHY TDL 75W-90 is suitable for manual, auxiliary and differential transmissions. It is also suitable for front-axle and rear-axle drives of commercial vehicles. It is the perfect base oil for the use with MATHY-T transmission additive.

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