TEC12 – Perfect Paint Protection for Tough Requirements!

Professional Surface Care Based on Acrylic Technology

Long-lasting and simple Application

TEC12 uses novel acrylic technology and can be used on all painted and smooth surfaces. Dirt and other external impurities are unable to find hold on surfaces treated with TEC12. Water drops easily drip off from the sealed surface. The right protection for rough terrain.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reliably cleans soiled surfaces
  • Protects against aggressive environmental influences
  • Revitalizes old surfaces
  • Ensures a brilliant shine
  • Seals long-lasting

Our problem solvers for vehicle maintenance

TEC 12 Car Paint Finisher

TEC12 Car Paint Finisher Spray seals all vehicle surfaces and form a homogeneous, streak-free surface. Minor soilings, such as finger prints, water stains or dust are immediately removed and a pearling effect appears. Additionally, the treated surface is protected long-term by a resistant acrylic coating. TEC12 Car Paint Finisher Spray is silicone-free.

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