MATHY Schmierstoffe für Ihren Gewerbe-Fuhrpark

Reduce Costs, Avoid Workshop Visits and Downtime

Vehicle Fleet

Competitive pressure, reliability, and increasing cost pressure burden today's fleet operators such as freight forwarders, courier services etc.

With our products for engines, fuel, and transmission you reduce your operating costs immensely. Our products minimize workshop visits, avoid costly repairs, and costs for spare parts.

Engine damage in particular is, next to punctures, the most common cause of vehicle breakdowns. Field tests by our customers have shown that the machines run smoother, the engine's tractive force is increased, and the units are more resistant to malfunction. Under certain circumstances, fuel saving is possible. In addition, our products verifiably reduce pollutant emissions and protect the environment, as demonstrated by various tests by TÜV and Dekra. Our products aim to keep units clean and reduce wear for a prolonged lifespan of your vehicles. Cost reduction and increased productivity are the results of years of development and continuous improvement of our products.

  • Lower operating costs
  • Possible fuel savings
  • Shortened downtime
  • Reduced time spent at the workshop
  • Efficient vehicle utilization

MATHY products work in the following units

  • Gasoline engines
  • Diesel engines
  • Wankel engines
  • Gas engines
  • 2- and 4-stroke engines
  • Engines with and without turbo charger
  • Compressor motors
  • Manual and automatic transmissions
  • Axle drives and differential gears
  • Power steerings
  • Steering gears and transfer cases
  • Hydraulic gears

Large Containers at Commercial Prices

All MATHY containers are also available as large containers. For individual prices and quantities, please contact our sales department.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Why should you use MATHY additives for your fleet?

If you are worried about how to continue cutting costs in your fleet, MATHY offers the right products. Whether it is fuel systems, engines, gearboxes or axles, MATHY products increase performance, deminish operating costs by reducing workshop visits, and reduce downtime. Your vehicles will last longer, extending the cycle of new acquisitions.

How do MATHY additives work in the vehicles of your fleet?

Our products clean, reduce friction and thus wear. They keep the engine temperature low and the engine clean from the inside. They reduce the susceptibility to failure and increase the emergency running characteristics, which does not immediately make a missed oil change a problem. Less and shorter workshop visits reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime. The costs of the fleet are reduced because the purchase of, e.g. spare parts will decrease. In addition, fuel saving should be possible. The amount or percentage, however, cannot be clearly calculated as it depends on a large number of other factors as well. In tested fleets up to 10% savings have been achieved. But more realistic is a value between 3 - 5%.

Are certain technical requirements necessary?

No. If you own a workshop, Mathy additives can be used without additional equipment. Maintaining your own gas station for your vehicles makes its easier to supply your vehicles with fuel additives. Mathy additives can also be added by the drivers at regular intervals before refueling. No special training is needed to use Mathy products.

Documenting, e.g. your fuel consumption will help you to measure your savings.

Are the increased requirements for environmental protection met?

Yes, for instance, MATHY products lower oil consumption in vehicles that tend to consume more oil than actually needed. In addition, our fuel additives reduce pollutant emissions, which is also confirmed annually by TÜV. Compliance with the legal TÜV and emission standards is thereby facilitated. Compliance with the Euro 6 standard is additionally supported. We make an active contribution to environmental protection.

How do MATHY additives help reduce operating costs?

In addition to possible fuel savings, Mathy additives have a positive effect on many other factors. By reducing wear, the purchase cost of spare parts will be lowered, resulting in shorter downtimes and fewer workshop visits. The lifespan of the units, and therefore of the vehicles, will be extended. In addition, the acquisition cycles of new vehicles will be extended, freeing resources for other investments. The productivity of your vehicle fleet will increase.