MATHY Getriebeöl Additive im Motorsport

Best Protection for Transmissions and Differentials in Racing

Fast and Trouble-free Switching Operations

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Gearboxes in racing must offer full functionality in every situation. The entire powertrain shows peak performance and has gear oils in all components. To ensure this, MATHY gear oil additives come into play. However, these gear oils do not always offer sufficient protection. MATHY gear oil additives increase compressive strength of gear oils and at the same compensate tooth clearances.

Advantages at a glance

  • Faster gearshifts
  • Less wear
  • Increases perfomance
  • Cleaning of gearboxes
  • Extension of service life

Frequently asked questions

What effect do MATHY fuel additives have on engine performance?

By cleaning injectors and combustion chambers, MATHY fuel additives increase engine performance during the combustion process. Through this optimization, performance increases are possible.

How to use MATHY gear oil additives

After an oil change add 20% MATHY gear oil additive to the fresh oil.

Can MATHY additives help with gear noise?

MATHY gear oil additives reduce noise by increasing compressive strength and reducing friction. The wear is stopped because the internal friction is reduced.

Do MATHY gear oil additives contain solids?

All MATHY additives are free of solids. They are based on liquid hydrocarbon compounds

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MATHY-T Transmission Oil Additive

MATHY-T is a high performance gearbox oil additive, especially used in manual gear boxes and differentials. Adding MATHY-T to gear boxes and rear axles noticeably reduces wear by up to 90% (proven by laboratory tests). MATHY-T is free of solid substances. It is specifically recommended for gear box oils of SAE ratings 75 to 140 with particular high pressure resistance and can also be used with hypoid oils.

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MATHY-TA Automatic Transmission Oil Additive

MATHY-TA is an oil additive for ATF oils in cars and commercial vehicles (oils of SAE ratings 0 to 50). It can be used in automatic gearboxes and, if applicable, in power steerings (like ATF 1-3, Dexron or Mercon). The automatic gearbox is protected from deposits and the hydraulic and mechanical processes within the gearbox are optimized. MATHY-TA is free of solid substances and does not cause deposits.

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MATHY-TDG Direct Shift Gearbox Additive

Adding MATHY-TDG improves the lubricity of gearbox oils and optimizes gear changes. Thermal stress in warmer parts of the gearbox is reduced and the stability of the oil is increased. Existing noise in the gearbox is minimized by MATHY-TDG and further wear is stopped. Cleaning components sustainably protect the gearbox, remove and prevent impurities.

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= 69.90 € / l

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