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Otto Mathé, pioneer in lubricant technology and a great role model for Niki Lauda
In his time as race driver he hurried from victory to victory and was already a legend in Austria during his lifetime. Before and after the Second World War, Otto Mathé was one of the most successful motorsport racers in the world. Niki Lauda, former Formula 1 world champion, said in an interview: "I already worshiped Otto Mathé as a young boy. I admired his cars and how he drove races with only one arm!"

Lubricated with his additives Mathé’s engines were significantly more powerful
World War II was just over when Otto Mathé began to develop an additive that would improve the lubricity of racing engine oils. He tested his additive himself and used it in races. Immediately his engines ran faster and more reliably than identical engines from competitors. Otto Mathé drove a Porsche under racing conditions over 100,000 kilometers without an oil change, although Porsche suggested an oil change every 3,000 kilometers at that time.

Otto Mathé was Austrian National Champion
In 1952 he won 20 out of in 20 races and became Austrian National Champion. In order to truly appreciate this achievement, one must know that the rated power of its engine was significantly lower than that of its competitors. Furthermore, Otto Mathé drove one-armed. His right arm was paralyzed since an accident in 1934.

State-of-the-art lubricant technology for engine, fuel and transmission
Even after ending his active motorsports career, the successful inventor and engine tuner continued to develop his revolutionary additive for reducing friction. A few years before he passed away Otto Mathé transferred his knowledge, product brand, and research results to the passionate entrepreneur Dierk Müller. This secured the further development and continued existence of Mathé’s state-of-the-art lubricant technology.

Adding MATHY® products to the engine, fuel, and transmission, your production vehicles also benefit - they become more efficient, more durable, and more economical.

Text with excerpts from the book about Otto Mathé "His Heart Beat for Porsche" by Gabriele Geutebrück, Berenkamp Verlag.