MATHÉ Classic Fuel Additives for More Reliability

Simple Use and Optimum Protection

The Entire Fuel System is Reliably Cleaned and Protected!

MATHÉ Classic Fuel Stabilizer is specially designed for older petrol engines. It provides excellent corrosion protection (suppresses condensation) while lubricating all moving parts within the fuel system (pump and valves). In addition, it prevents deposits on valves and spark plugs as well as conserves and protects the fuel from aging and oxidation. It works as a fuel stabilizer and keeps its ignition reliable. Particularly suitable for the seasonal and long-term mothballing of classic and vintage cars.

Advantages at a glance

  • Protects against fuel deterioration
  • Cleans valves and combustion chamber
  • Keeps the fuel ignition-stable
  • Prevents corrosion in the tank
  • Optimizes combustion

Frequently asked questions

My classic car does not run well with normal petrol / gasoline. Why does this happen?

After a longer downtime, petrol / gasoline loses its octane rating. Ignition stability is reduced and the fuel in the tank has lost its power reserves. Timely addition of MATHÉ Classic's fuel stabilizer to the tank will keep the fuel ignition reliable and optimizes the combustion process.

Does my classic car need a lead substitute?

Many classic engines do not yet have hardened valve seats and usually require leaded fuel. Since these do no longer exist, lead substitutes are used. Our MATHÉ Classic Lead Substitute provides adequate fuel protection and protects the valves from damage. The application is very simple. Dosage: 1 : 1000 (Example: 50ml to 50 liters of fuel). Fill into the tank before refueling.

My classic car does not run well with normal petrol / gasoline. Why does this happen?

Today's fuels have a higher organic content. This has a negative effect on the combustion process. Especially classic engines often exhibit problems when using these fuels. Adding MATHÉ Classic Fuel Stabilizer to each tank will compensate for this negative effect. The combustion process is optimized and the entire fuel system is kept clean.

Can fuel additives prevent corrosion in the fuel system?

The addition of MATHÉ Classic Fuel Stabilizer to the tank will bind condensation and protect metal surfaces from rust film. All components in the fuel system are protected and maintained. We recommend a permanent application.

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Our problem solver for the fuel system of classic and vintage cars

MATHÉ Classic Fuel Additive

Use MATHÉ Classic Fuel Stabilizer as system cleaner an fuel stabilizer in older petrol / gasoline engines. A permanent addition to the fuel cleans the system and optimally protects it against corrosion. During longer downtimes (winter storage) ignition ability of the fuel is kept stable. In spring, starting difficulties are reduced by MATHÉ Classic Fuel Additive.

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