Optimum Protection for Tuned Engines and Transmissions

MATHY Additives Keep Temperatures under Control

Simply reduce thermal problems and generate more power.

The use of MATHY additives in the aggregates of tuned vehicles reduce the heat generated at higher speeds, the internal friction is lowered, and the lubricants in the engine, transmission and differentials are kept cooler. As a result, the lubricity of oils operating at their limits is optimized.

MATHY additives increase the performance of tuned cars and enhance the lifetime of their units.

  • Reduction of thermal problems
  • Minimized internal friction
  • Optimized performance
  • Reduction of wear
  • Extended lifespan of parts

The Most Common Questions About Tuning Applications

Can MATHY-M motor oil be combined with racing engine oils?

MATHY-M engine oil additive is miscible with all partially and fully synthetic engine oils. It also optimizes the lubrication performance of racing engine oils. Lubrication is especially important when it comes to highly loaded tuning engines. Reducing internal friction keeps the racing motor oil cooler and ensures adequate oil supply under extreme conditions.

What are the advantages of using MATHY lubricants in tuned cars?

By adding MATHY lubricants to oils of tuned vehicles you will achieve increased wear reduction throughout the powertrain and additional performance improvement.

Can MATHY additives reduce the oil temperature of tuned engines?

A 10% addition of our motor oil additive MATHY-M to the engine oil reduces internal friction and keeps the oil temperature lower. MATHY-M is free of solids and forms a direct hydrocarbon-based compound with the engine oil. This remains stable until the next oil change and ensures optimum lubrication.

What influence do fuel additives have on the combustion in the engine?

MATHY fuel additives clean the entire fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber. The reduction of combustion residues at injection nozzles, valve seats and combustion chambers restores the old efficiency of the injection system and optimizes fuel consumption. Only a clean fuel system ensures trouble-free driving.

In which areas can MATHY additives be used?

Mathy additives can be used in combustion engines (diesel and gasoline), manual and automatic transmissions, power steering systems, hydraulic systems, injection systems, turbochargers, rear axles, and compressors.

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