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General Overview

What is MATHY and how does it work?

MATHY is an additive that complements existing additives in every technical oil and fuel. MATHY improves lubrication and the cleaning effect of commercially available oils and fuels for internal combustion engines, gearboxes and differentials. MATHY reduces friction, removes deposits, lowers the operating temperature of the units, and reduces the process of oil ageing.

Are additives necessary?

Yes. The quality of lubricants and fuels are almost completely determined by its additives. Without additives all technical oils and fuels would not work, however, manufacturers only use them sparingly. That is why oils and fuels only meet the minimum requirements in order to get the necessary approvals.

What are the benefits of using MATHY?

MATHY reduces wear in the engine, transmission, and differential. Maintenance and repair costs are minimized and fuel as well as oil consumption are optimized.

How can lubricants be adjusted to meet special requirements?

This can be done by using additives which are able to significantly increase the quality of oils and fuels.

How successful are MATHY-Additives in endurance tests?

In 1994 MATHY was the first additive that was voluntarily submitted to the challenging TÜV tests. Since then MATHY carries the coveted TÜV test seal. This confirmed that the lubricity of the tested additives was better than the lubricity of all commercial engine oils that were tested. Since then, MATHY-Additives are periodically submitted to challenging tests.

In the past one such test used to be the so-called Timken test, today it is an internationally recognized test using Shell’s four-ball tester.

This test did not only convince TÜV but also DEKRA and other independent institutes. MATHY additives have been awarded the TÜV quality seal again and again.

As of late, the new EU’s test and quality guidelines apply which are based on significantly stricter test conditions. MATHY-M and MATHY-T underwent these rigorous tests and received test seals by TÜV Nord (Essen) and TÜV Thüringen without qualifications. MATHY-M and MATHY-T were awarded the test certificate „Zertifizierter Wirksamkeitsnachweis“ – “Certified Proof of Effectiveness”.

How does MATHY improve oil quality and torque?

MATHY-Additives were developed for the use in race cars which operate under very harsh conditions. Then and now, MATHY-Additives guarantee peak performance on the race track and on the road by creating a resistant lubricating film.

Why is MATHY recommended for every vehicle?

In all vehicles parts of the engine, gearbox, and differential move, rotate, and engage with one another at high speeds. Engine oil with the correct amount of additives keeps the metal parts from rubbing. Harmful deposits which can negatively affect the oil flow are prevented.

Why do motorsport car racers recommend MATHY?

Professionals know that MATHY-Additives increase performance and torque and lower the oil temperature at the same time. Furthermore, they know that better lubrication means less friction. Less friction implies a lower oil temperature and less malfunctions. Exactly this reliability of the units can make the difference between success and failure in a race. Also, in everyday life this reliability ensures maximum performance that is lasting and lowers costs.

Why do MATHY-Additives prevent oil from deteriorating?

MATHY-Additives contain highly effective antioxidants preventing oxidation and formation of oil aging products. Additional special inhibitors prevent corrosion and rust. The oil does not deteriorate as quickly and thus maintains the necessary lubricating film.

Can I safely use a low-cost engine and/or transmission oil?

Yes, you can use any (mineral, partly or fully synthetic) oil that has been approved by the vehicle manufacturer as a base oil.

Does the color (black) of the engine oil indicate low quality?

No, just the opposite. When an oil gets dark quickly it means that MATHY is working. Deposits and and impurities are dissolved.

Where are MATHY high-performance additives applied?

Mathy-Additives are used in engines, transmissions, steering aids, hydraulic systems, injection pumps, turbochargers, differentials, turbines, compressors, and many other units where optimum lubrication and protection are required.

What kind of MATHY-Additives exist?

There are MATHY-Additives for engine oil, transmission oil, and for different kinds of fuel.

Are MATHY-Additives able to solve technical problems?

Yes. The use of MATHY-Additives eliminates a considerable number of technical problems in engines, injection systems, and transmissions or at least significantly reduce their negative effects.

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