MATHY Motoröl Additive

MATHY Engine Oil Additives Improve Your Engine Oil!

Motor Oil / Engine Oil Additives

MATHY products start showing their full effects where the usually additives reach their limits.

MATHY-Additives have been formulated independent from the oil industry and machine manufacturers. They have been tested for efficiency and have been certified by TÜV since 1994. They improve lubrication and sustainable reduce wear in the engine.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduction of wear and tear
  • Sustainable cleaning of the engine
  • Improved engine running
  • Extended service life of the engine
  • Enhanced adhesion properties of the engine oil

An engine oil is only as good as its additives

Additives are added to all mineral and synthetic oils. These additives optimize the properties of the lubricants due to chemical and physical effects. The quality of lubricants is exclusively determined by the additives. They control all key characteristics of the oils and ensure that the continuously increasing requirements of engine manufacturers with respect to modern vehicles are met.

How do MATHY-Additives work in the engine?

By adding MATHY-Additives to the engine oil, deposits of all kinds and impurities are removed and wear is reduced, oil consumption and oil loss are reduced, and the service life of the engine is enhanced.

Frequently asked questions

What are my benefits of using MATHY-M?

MATHY-M reduces internal friction, lowers the oil temperature and thus reduces wear. In addition, it keeps the engine clean from the inside. Lower repair costs and a longer service life are the results of regular use.

Why is an internal engine cleaning necessary?

Over time deposits appear in the engine. MATHY-M dissolves these deposits and keeps the engine sustainably clean. Due to a strong cleaning effect it is recommended to perform an internal engine cleaning with MATHY-C after 30,000 km.

How can I perform an internal engine cleaning?

You can either replace 10% of the total volume of the engine oil by MATHY-M. Then drive about 700 km and carry out a complete oil change and again replace 10% of the total volume of the engine oil by MATHY-M. Alternatively, you can choose a simpler way:

Before the next oil change drive the car for about 20-30 minutes until the engine has warmed up. Then add a can of MATHY-C to the warm engine oil (400ml is sufficient for 5 liters). Afterwards let the engine run in idle mode (don’t drive!) for 10 minutes. Thereafter carry out a complete oil change and again add 10% MATHY-M.

In which engines can MATHY-M be used?

MATHY-M is suitable for all petrol/gasoline and Diesel engines with/without catalyst and Diesel particle filter. You can also use MATHY-M in trucks, construction machines, ships, CHP units, and all other engine-powered machines.

MATHY-M is suitable for which engine oils?

MATHY-M can be used in all mineral, partly-synthetic, and fully-synthetic engine oils, i.e. SAE grades 0 - 60.

MATHY-M can also be used with special oils, like longlife or race oils, as well as oils based on esther.

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Our problem solvers for car engines

Technical problems with cars are annoying and can be expensive. Often enough it is the little things which reduce can the driving comfort. A rough engine running, rattling hydraulic valve lifters, an increased oil loss and oil consumption, cold start difficulties, and power loss are frequently reported problems.

This is where MATHY-Additives help you out and can prevent costly repairs

MATHY-M Motor Oil Additive

MATHY-M is a latest technology high-performance motor / engine oil additive. Without containing solid lubricants it significantly improves the quality of mineral, partly synthetic, or fully synthetic motor oils ranging from 0 – 60 SAE. By adding MATHY-M to the engine oil an optimum lubricity is established. The engines run smoother and wear is reduced to a minimum.

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MATHY-C Engine Cleaner

MATHY-C is a highly effective engine cleaner which is used for flushing and cleaning petrol / gasoline and diesel engines (even with catalyst and turbocharger). MATHY-C is particularly effective in removing sludge deposits (black sludge) in the engine. Special cleaning additives dissolve deposits and dirt, which can then be drained with the engine oil during an oil change. MATHY-C is the right product if you missed the last oil change!

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Our quality is measurable

MATHY products have been tested and certified by TÜV since 1994!


Viscosity Stabilizer

MATHY-VS is a highly effective additive to stabilize the viscosity of engine oils. It counteracts engine oil dilution and improves the sealing between piston and cylinder wall. By using MATHY-VS existing oil combustion is reduced and permanent oil loss is minimized. Engine oil stabilized by MATHY-VS does not enter the combustion chamber of the cylinder anymore. Even at high temperatures the lubricating film remains stable and the oil pressure constant.

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MATHY DropStop Sealing Additive

Sealing Additive

DropStop contains the necessary plasticizers (elastomers) for rubber seals in a highly concentrated form and supplies them to the sealing material. The rubber seals become soft again, swell, and an existing oil loss can be stopped. DropStop is well suited for a preventive use in vehicles and machines that are older than 5 years.

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MATHY-TS Two-Stroke Additive

MATHY-TS two-stroke additive is characterized by excellent wear- and corrosion-protection properties. By using an extremely powerful additive combination, friction is reduced and engine wear is prevented. The special additives impede the formation of deposits in the combustion chamber, on the spark plug, on the exhaust slots, and in the exhaust system. Excellent engine cleanliness also prevents the formation of smoke in the exhaust gas. It makes it easier to start the engine and results in a smoother ride.

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