Optimal Fuel Supply When It Matters

The Performance Advantage for Fuels

Highly effective fuel additives for best combustion

Only a fully operational fuel system can achieve peak performance. MATHY fuel additives ensure smooth operation of all components in contact with fuel in the injection systems. Constant addition of MATHY fuel additives protects the entire fuel system from soiling and guarantees trouble-free operation.

Advantages at a glance

  • Cleaning of the entire fuel system
  • Optimization of combustion
  • Trouble-free operation of the injection system
  • Permanent cleanliness in the fuel system

Frequently asked questions

In which fuels can MATHY additives be used?

MATHY’S TÜV tested and certified fuel additives can be used in all petrol /gasoline fuels (E5-E85) as well as all diesel fuels with and without organic content.

How are MATHY fuel additives applied?

The use of all MATHY fuel additives is easy. Depending on the dosage recommendation, the additives are added to the tank immediately before refueling.

How often should MATHY fuel additives be used?

For an optimal combustion process, MATHY fuel additives should regularly be added to each tank filling. This is the only way the fuel system - from tank to the combustion chamber - remains clean in the long run and minimizes the risk of system failures.

What effect do MATHY fuel additives have on engine performance?

By cleaning injectors and combustion chambers, MATHY fuel additives increase the performance of the combustion process. Through this optimization, engine performance increases are possible.

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Our problem solvers for the fuel system

MATHY-BE Gasoline System Cleaner

MATHY-BE is a specially formulated fuel additive for all fuels in petrol / gasoline engines. The active component combination for ethanol, petrol and ethanol-petrol blends has a highly effective cleansing and maintenance effect. MATHY-BE prevents damage to the fuel-carrying components. Possible deposits which reduce the efficiency of the fuel system are dissolved and burnt residue-free.

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MATHY-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

MATHY–D cleans the diesel fuel system and improves operation reliability and economy of diesel engines. Suitable for all diesel engines (CDI and TDI) and diesel fuels, summer and winter quality. Suitable for all diesel oxidation catalysts and micro particle filters (DPF). It is also compatible with AdBlue.

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