MATHY-C Motorinnenreiniger

We Clean Engines and Optimize Oil Flow

MATHY-C Engine Cleaner

MATHY-C is a newly developed and highly effective engine cleaner which is used for flushing and cleaning petrol / gasoline and diesel engines. It can also be used with catalytic converters and turbochargers.

This engine cleaner is particularly effective in removing sludge deposits (black sludge) and oil carbon in the engine. Special cleaning additives dissolve deposits and impurities, which can then be drained with the engine oil during an oil change. This is the perfect solution if you missed an oil change.

MATHY-C ensures a gentle and fast cleaning. Clogged oil channels are cleaned and a sufficient oil supply (oil flow) in the entire oil circuit is ensured.

MATHY-C does not negatively affect seals and shows full effect after just 10 minutes. We recommend an engine cleaning prior to every oil change.

  • Highly effective cleaning of the engine
  • Ensures optimal oil supply
  • Extends service life of engines
  • Protects engines from damages
  • Improves starting behavior

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Areas of application

  • All types of engines (petrol / gasoline, diesel, Wankel, and gas engines)
  • If you missed an oil change
  • After long downtimes (classic and vintage cars, boats, and motorcycles without oil bath clutch)
  • Rough engine running
  • Smoke formation
  • At high oil consumption


The contents of one can (400 ml) of MATHY-C engine cleaner is designed to clean an engine using up to 5 liters of motor oil.

Manufacturers’ dosage instructions have to be observed.


Get the engine to operating temperature (drive for at least 30 minutes). Then add MATHY-C to the warm engine oil just before the oil change. Then let the engine run in idle for 10 minutes. Immediately after these 10 minutes carry out the oil change and oil filter change.

Note: The oil level must not fall to minimum.

After using MATHY-C engine cleaner, we recommend using our motor oil additive MATHY-M. It prevents formation of deposits and increases the reliability of the engine by reducing wear and abrasion.

MATHY-C Engine Cleaner

MATHY-C is available in our online shop in the following units:

  • 400 ml
  • 2,5 Liter
  • 12 x 400 ml
from 19,95 €

= 49.88 € / l

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