MATHY-D das Diesel Additiv

We Optimize Diesel Consumption and Reduce CO Emissions!

MATHY-D Diesel System Cleaner

MATHY–D cleans the diesel fuel system and improves operational reliability and efficiency of diesel engines.

It is suitable for all diesel engines (CDI and TDI) and diesel fuels (not for biodiesel or vegetable oils!), summer and winter diesel. It can be used with all diesel catalytic converters and particle filters (DPF).

The component combination with its cleaning, dispersing, material protecting, and cetane raising effects allows for a fast and economical removal of deposits.

Emission reduction is certified by TÜV Thüringen: Reduction of CO and HC emission.

MATHY-D counteracts the formation of bacteria and thus prevents microbiological contamination of the fuel.

  • Cleans the diesel system
  • Optimizes diesel consumption
  • Cleans injector nozzels / injectors
  • Improves emission values
  • Increases cetan number
Price per liter: 59,80 €/l

Areas of application

  • For summer, winter, and premium diesel
  • Suitable for modern common rail (CDI) and pump injector diesel engines (TDI)
  • Compatible with all modern diesel oxidation catalysts and particle filters (PDF)
  • Counteracts bacteria formation (diesel contamination)


The contents of one can (250 ml) of MATHY-D is sufficient for up to 50 l of diesel fuel.


Immediately before refueling, just fill the content of one can (250 ml) into the fuel tank . For best results with regard to cleanliness of injection nozzles and protection against corrosion, apply MATHY–D every 3,000 km. For elimination of acute problems add MATHY–D with every fuel refill over a distance of 2,500 km.

Note: When adding MATHY–D, the amount of fuel in the tank should be at least add up to the reserve quantity.


Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Reduction of CO and HC emission

Annually, TÜV Thüringen certifies the effectiveness of MATHY-D: Reduction of emissions is tested in a comprehensive test.

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