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MATHY 5W-30 Longlife III

Synthetisches HC-Motorenöl

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Content: 1 l
Article number: 1173-100
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SAE 5W-30 Longlife III is a high performance HC synthetic motor oil (hydrocrack technology) for gasoline and diesel engines. It is a fuel-efficient motor oil combining the high standards for gasoline and diesel engines (especially pump-jet diesel with particulate filter) in one product.

Using SAE 5W -30 Longlife III extends the life of the DPF due to decreased concentrations of the ash-forming particles in the exhaust gas. SAE 5W -30 Longlife III can be used in almost all VW and Audi Longlife vehicles as well as with older vehicles with fixed change interval (except R5 diesel and V 10 TDI).

High metal contents in the oil can in the long run block the particulate filter and thus lead to failure of the system. The SAE 5W -30 Longlife III motor oil significantly reduces the metal content and thus ensures a long service life of the filter system. SAE 5W -30 Longlife III motor oil is specifically intended to keep the exhaust system clean to reduce the emission of harmful emissions into the environment.

Product Properties

• High performance motor oil for petrol (gasoline) and diesel engines
• Prolongs engine service life


Add SAE 5W -30 Longlife III motor oil according to manufacturer’s instructions to the engine.

Specifications / Technical Approvals*

• ACEA A3, B4 / C3
• VW 504.00 / 507.00
• MB 229.51
• BMW LL 04

Features/ specifications

Package 1,0 l, 5,0 l
Viskosität 5W-30
Ölart Synthetisches HC-Motoröl
Anwendungsintervall bei jedem Ölwechsel
Anwendungsbereich Motor
Fahrzeugtyp PKW