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MATHÉ Chromjuwelen Engine Oil 20W-50

Mineralisches Motoröl

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Content: 1 l
Article number: 1610-1001
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MATHÉ Chromjuwelen Motor Öl 20W-50 is custom tailored for classic engines in seasonal use. Carefully blended with MATHÉ Classic Motor Oil Additive this oil’s wear and corrosion protection is tailored to the needs of classic and vintage engines. It ensures a long adhesion to all metal surfaces. Long standstill periods during winter or in museum exhibitions are not critical anymore.

MATHÉ Chromjuwelen Motor Öl 20W-50 is a mildly alloyed multigrade mineral oil, immediately ready for use. It can be mixed with all standard engine oils on mineral, HC-synthetic or synthetic oil base. MATHÉ Chromjuwelen Motor Öl 20W-50 is suitable for all types of vehicles with corresponding SAE classifications: automobiles, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

Meets the requirements and standards of a 20W50 oil used in engines between 1950 and 1970. Mildly alloyed multigrade mineral oil complies with quality level requirements API SF/CD. Not suitable for engines without oil filter.

Product Properties

• Provides optimum protection during periods of standstill or during museum exhibitions
• Reduces wear during cold starts to a minimum
• Prevents corrosion during long periods of inactivity
• Increases emergency operating features in case of overheating or oil loss as well as at extreme temperatures due to overload
• Increases the engine life
• Lower oil consumption due to lower oil evaporation
• Ensures stable oil pressure even with hot engine


Add MATHÉ Chromjuwelen Motor Öl 20W-50 according to manufacturer’s instructions to the engine.

Specifications / Technical Approvals



Use MATHÉ Chromjuwelen Motor Öl 20W-50 for engines of vintage and classic cars built between 1950 and 1970.

Features/ specifications

Package 1,0 l, 5,0 l
Viskosität 20W-50
Ölart Mineralisches Motoröl
Anwendungsbereich Motor
Fahrzeugtyp Oldtimer