Package Amount Unitprice
5 l (Price/liter 54,99€) (Price per liter: 54,99 €/l) Shipping weight: 4.875 kg 274,95 €*
10 l (Price/liter 53,49€) (Price per liter: 53,49 €/l) Shipping weight: 9.75 kg 534,90 €*

MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 is an additive for an effective performance increase of heavy duty transmission oils.

MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 is based on synthetic hydrocarbons and is completely free of solids. It increases the compressive strength of the existing gear oil and additionally provides greater adhesion to the tooth flanks. It can be used in all synthetic gear oils.

Product Properties

• Reduces wear and surface roughness
• Improves lubricity
• Increases the compressive strength
• Reduces the oil temperature
• Increases the stability of the oil
• Increases unit life
• Neutral against gaskets and machine paints


Replace 20% of the gear oil quantity with MATHY WKA ISO VG 320.


Before changing to MATHY WKA ISO VG 320, carry out a complete change of gear oil. Then add 20% MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 to the fresh gear oil. Mixing takes place in the aggregate.

MATHY WKA ISO VG 320 can be used e.g. in wind power stations and heavy duty transmissions.


  • H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction.
  • H318: Causes serious eye damage.
  • H412: Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.