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MATHY-DSG optimizes the gearshift of direct shift gearboxes (DSG) and reduces wear significantly. Adding MATHY-DSG to the transmission oil increases the lubrication. Gear changes are optimized. Thermal stresses in e.g. warmer regions are reduced. The stability of the direct shift gearbox oil is increased. Existing noise is minimized by MATHY-DSG. Further wear is stopped.

MATHY-DSG protects the gear box permanently against impurities; new buildup is prevented. MATHY-DSG is free of solid matter, and thus causes no deposits.

Product Properties

• Optimizes gearshifts in direct shift gearboxes (DSG)
• Minimizes malfunctions
• Reduces wear on the contact points of metal on metal
• Stabilization of lubricant film and improvement of contact pattern
• High cleaning effect
• Great seal compatibility
• High thermal resistence
• Increased load capacity
• Improvement of shifting function
• Minimization of vibrations / noise reduction


Add 10 % of MATHY-DSG to the transmission oil.


With direct shift gearboxes up to a mileage of 60,000 km perform a transmission oil change. Afterwards refill with 90 % of fresh transmission oil and 10 % of MATHY-DSG.

With direct shift gearboxes exceeding a mileage of 60,000 km (13,300 miles or 750 working hours, or being older than 5 years), a cleaning phase and oil change is recommended.

Act as follows:
Replace 10 % of transmission oil with MATHY-DSG and drive for a distance of 1000 km (500 miles or 20 working hours); no time restriction apply. Afterwards drain the warm oil and refill with fresh transmission oil containing 10 % MATHY-DSG. After approximately 1,500 km MATHY-DSG has achieved its full potential.


  • H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction.

Gefahrgut: GHS07