Package Amount Unitprice
200 ml (Price per liter: 82,60 €/l) Shipping weight: 0.2 kg 16,52 €*
3 x 200 ml (Price per liter: 75,98 €/l) Shipping weight: 0.6 kg 45,77 €*
12 x 200 ml (Price per liter: 67,53 €/l) Shipping weight: 2.4 kg 160,79 €*

MATHY-IB immediately and intensively cleans the nozzles or injectors of gasoline engines by adding them to the tank. Deposits and contaminants on the injectors are dissolved and the spray pattern is brought to new car level. This gives you optimized fuel consumption and emissions.


The contents of the can (200 ml) are sufficient for 50 liters of petrol.


Simply add 200 ml of MATHY-IB to the tank immediately before refueling to start cleaning. For optimal mixing, move the tank volume down to standby. Applicable in all gasoline fuels. Repeat every 10,000 km!


  • H225: Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
  • H318: Causes serious eye damage.
  • H336: May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
  • H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction.
  • H411: Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Gefahrgut GHS02, GHS07, GHS08 und GHS05