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MATHY-F is the multi-functional fuel additive used for trouble-free operation of gasoline and diesel engines. It optimizes the effect of all liquid fuel in any engine. MATHY-F conserves and cleans the fuel system; it restores and maintains full performance.

Through loosening contaminants MATHY-F provides secure locking and proper opening for injection nozzles. It cleans valves and combustion chamber for an optimal air / fuel mixture. In addition the improved lubrication reduces hard valve hammering. MATHY-F is designed for diesel and gasoline engines. Ideal for customers whose fleet includes both engine types and want to use only one single fuel additive.

Product Properties

• Improvement of combustion
• Cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system
• Maintaining a clean combustion chamber
• Removes encrustations
• Cleaning of injectors and nozzles
• Maintaining a smoothly running engine
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Improvement of starting behaviour
• Decrease in repair costs
• Increase in RPM


Normal use
In order to keep an intact fuel system continuously clean, and to protect it from the usual wear, it is sufficient to add MATHY-F in the dosage of 1:1000 with every third tank filling.

E.g. add 50 ml MATHY-F to 50 l of petrol or diesel fuel.

Trouble shooting in fuel and injection systemIf you encounter problems or difficult conditions, we recommend a ratio of 1:1000.

On this occasion use MATHY-F with each tank filling.


Add MATHY-F fuel additive in the dosage 1:1000 to the tank before refuelling.

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