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MATHY-AGR is a highly effective exhaust gas recirculation valve cleaners (EGR) for diesel vehicles. Regular use of MATHY-AGR reduces the buildup of carbonaceous residues in the exhaust gas recirculation system. Repairs are minimized.

Impurities degrade chemically over the exhaust stream. Disorders which are caused by a contaminated EGR valve can thus be permanently avoided.

Product Properties

• High chemical effectiveness over the exhaust stream
• Prevents the buildup of carbonaceous deposits in the exhaust gas recirculation system
• Maintains the functioning of the EGR valve
• Speed fluctuations are reduced
• The susceptibility to faults of the EGR valve is minimized
• Easy to use on the tank
• Prevents power loss
• Residue-free combustion


Add 300 ml MATHY-AGR to 50-60 liter diesel fuel.


Simply add the complete content of the 250 ml can to the diesel fuel.

Note: The amount of fuel in the tank should at least equal 10 liters (reserve volume) before adding MATHY-AGR.

MATHY-AGR is suitable for all diesel engines (CDI and TDI) and diesel fuels, summer and winter diesel.

Apply when the majority of driving consists of frequent short distance trips (under 20 km) every 7500 km. When driving long distance mostly, apply at least every 15,000 km. Already completely coked EGR valves with engine in emergency operation program can be no longer cleaned with MATHY-AGR.

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