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SAE 5W-30 Performance VX3

SAE 5W-30 Performance VX3 is a synthetic motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines based on HC synthesis technology. The engine oil SAE 5W-30 Performance VX3 is a low-ash, low-viscosity oil, specially formulated for use in modern diesel and gas engines with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems.

SAE 5W-30 Performance VX3 has a very low phosphorus and sulfur content.

Perfect base oil for use with MATHY-M, MATHY-VS or DropStop.

Product Properties

• High performance engine oil for gasoline and diesel engines
• Designed for modern diesel and gas engines
• Ensures stable oil pressure
• Very high lubrication reliability


Add SAE 5W -30 Performance VX3 engine oil according to manufacturer’s instructions to the engine.

Specifications / Technical Approvals

• ACEA CE-10
• MB 229.51
• GM Dexos 2
• BMW LL 04
• VW 502 00/505 00/505 01


  • H412: Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
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