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SAE 15W-40 Performance VX2

SAE 15W-40 Performance VX2 motor oil is a universal motor oil, which is catalyst and turbo tested. SAE 15W-40 Performance VX2 motor oil can be used according to the manufacturer's instructions for all diesel and petrol (gasoline) engines of commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Typical application areas are: commercial vehicles in the near and long-distance transport, buses in the travel and city line traffic and construction equipment of all kinds.
SAE 15W-40 Performance VX2 motor oil also meets specific requirements for use in certain vehicle transmissions. Depending on engine design and operating conditions of long oil change intervals can be reached. The provisions of the motor manufacturer are to be observed.

Due to its highly-refined ingredients SAE 15W-40 Performance VX2 motor oil is suitable for all-year-round use in vehicles. This motor oil with viscosity range SAE 15W-40 ensures good cold start behaviour even at -15°C.

Product Properties

• Universal motor oil for petrol (gasoline) and diesel engines
• Prolongs engine service life


Add SAE 15W-40 Performance VX2 motor oil according to manufacturer’s instructions to the engine.

Specifications / Technical Approvals*

• ACEA E2, B2, A2
• Equal to: 500 00, 501 01, 505 00.
• MB-Freigabe 228.1, 229.1*
• MAN, Werksnorm 271*
• MTU and MTU/DDC Multigrade oil Kategorie 1*
• Volvo, VDS*
• Mack E0-L*


  • H319: Causes serious eye irritation.
  • EUH208: Contains Alkylamines longchained. May produce an allergic reaction.

Gefahrgut: GHS07

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