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SAE 20W-50 engine oil is a mineral multigrade engine oil for use in gasoline and diesel engines. MATHÉ Classic SAE 20W-50 cleans combustion residues. It promotes a strong diesel performance value. MATHÉ Classic SAE 20W-50 offers superior protection. It does not lose its lubricating properties even at critical temperatures.

MATHÉ Classic SAE 20W-50 is recommended for year-round use in all four-stroke engines and especially in thermally highly loaded turbocharged engines (Otto and Diesel).

Product Properties

• Highest protection from summer to winter
• Clean, corrosion-resistant engine parts
• Suitable for Catalyst


Add SAE 20W-50 engine oil according to manufacturer’s instructions to the engine.

Specifications / Technical Approvals*

• MIL-L-46152B – 2104D


  • EUH208: Contains Benzenesulfonic acid, methyl-, mono-C20-24-branched alkyl derivs., calcium salts.
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