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MATHY SPEZIAL-H Heating Oil Additive

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Article number: 1260-1001
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MATHY SPEZIAL-H is a highly effective fuel oil additive. With its modern active ingredient combination energy can be sustainably saved in a wide range of applications.

MATHY SPEZIAL-H meets all the requirements of the latest burner technology and is accordingly suitable for all fuel grades (standard and sulfur).

By using MATHY SPEZIAL-H any standard fuel oil can be converted into a premium fuel oil. This puts less strain on the heating system and ensures lasting protection. The improvement of the thermal stability optimizes the combustion and improves the emission ratings.

Product properties

• less sooting / secures function of filter and protects against coking of the nozzle
• cleans the combustion chamber and burner mechanics
• impurities on the nozzles are removed, improving the spray pattern
• reduces the risk of blocked pumps / lubrication of the pump is improved
• slows down the natural ageing of the fuel oil
• reliable system operation by minimizing sedimentation
• measurably lower pollutant emissions - TÜV certified by TÜV NORD
• special deactivators neutralize the metal ions already integrated in the fuel oil
• passivators in the additive coat the metal surfaces with a protective layer that prevents the precipitation of new metal ions and protect against corrosion


The contents of a bottle MATHY SPEZIAL-H is sufficient for 2,000 liters of fuel oil. (Mixing ratio 1: 2.000 = 1 liter to 2,000 liters of fuel oil additive).


Ideally add MATHY SPEZIAL-H prior to filling the oil tank; It can also be added during operation.

Features/ specifications

Package 1,0 l
Additivart Heizöl-Additiv
Anwendungsintervall vor der Betankung
Anwendungsbereich Ölheizung

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