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MATHÉ Regular SAE 30

Unlegiertes Motoröl

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Content: 1 l
Article number: 1174-100
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MATHÉ Regular 30 is an unalloyed engine oil, specifically designed for vehicles without oil filter built from the 1920s to 1950s.

It is made from carefully selected pure mineral and refined products. It is produced without any additives added - especially without any components that keep the dirt in suspension.

Product Properties

• Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour
• High oxidation stability (non-foaming)
• Intentional generating of sludge
• Low pourpoint (staying longer pourable, even at low temperatures)


Add MATHÉ Regular 30 to the oil sump according to manufacturer’s specifications.


Keep the oil change intervals short. Especially in vehicles and engines without oil filter a frequent oil change is needed.

Features/ specifications

Package 1,0 l, 5,0 l
Ölart Unlegiertes Motoröl
Anwendungsintervall bei jedem Ölwechsel
Anwendungsbereich Motor
Fahrzeugtyp Oldtimer