MATHY-ATF Automatik Spülung

Extend the Life of Your Automatic Transmission

MATHY-ATF Automatic Transmission Cleaner

Poorly switching automatic transmissions work smoothly again

MATHY-ATF Cleaner is a highly active system cleaner which removes deposits and residues in the automatic transmission. An optimal switching functionality is restored and guaranteed, and the automatic transmission service life is extended.

  • Cleans automatic transmissions
  • Improves gear shifting
  • Clears oil feeder holes
  • Resolves resinifications
  • Extends the service life of automatic transmissions
Price per liter: 132,82 €/l

Areas of application

MATHY-ATF is compatible with all oils used in common ATF transmissions. This cleaner can be used for problems with the shift quality of automatic transmissions.


The content of one can (150 ml) is sufficient for 3 to 6 liters of automatic transmission oil.


Simply add the content of one can (150 ml) to the warm automatic transmission oil prior to an oil change. Drive for 10 minutes and shift at least twice through every selection lever position.

Note: Residual amounts of the old transmission oil do not harm the system.

In case of further questions, please feel free to call our hotline: (+)49-(0)5191-16004.


ATF Cleaner

MATHY-ATF is available in our online shop in the following trading units:

  • 150 ml
  • 1,8 Liter
from 19,95 €

= 133,00 € / l

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