MATHY-VS Viskositäts-Stabilisator

We Reduce Oil Consumption and Minimize Oil Combustion!

MATHY-VS Viscosity Stabiliser

With MATHY-VS you can stabilize the viscosity of engine oils.

Addition of MATHY-VS counteracts engine oil dilution and improves the sealing between piston and cylinder wall. The surface tension of the base oil is increased and stabilized.

The use of MATHY-VS reduces oil consumption because a present oil combustion is stopped and the lubricating film remains stable and the oil pressure constant, even at high temperatures.

Damages (break or cracks) of piston wiper rings cannot be eliminated by MATHY-VS

  • Stabilizes lubrication film
  • Increases surface tension of engine oil
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Prevents entry of oil into the combustion chamber
  • Reduces smoke formation
Price per liter: 119,60 €/l

Areas of application

Suitable for combustion engines (petrol / gasoline, diesel, Wankel, gas engines) with high oil consumption caused by worn piston wiper rings, and smoke formation caused by oil combustion.


Use MATHY-VS with a mixing ratio of 1:16, e.g. add 250 ml MATHY-VS to 4.0 liters of engine oil.

Note: Do not overfill! At the maximum oil level in the engine, drain the amount to be filled in (e.g. 250 ml MATHY-VS).


MATHY-VS Oil Stabilizer can be added to the engine oil at any time and can be carried out without a workshop visit. MATHY-VS can be used in all petrol / gasoline and diesel engines and is compatible with all mineral, partly and fully synthetic engine oils.

After adding MATHY-VS, drive and warm up the engine oil for the oil temperature to reach at least 90° C. MATHY-VS viscosity stabilizer can remain in the engine oil until the next oil change and is compatible with MATHY-M engine oil additive.

Note: Do not use MATHY-VS with MATHY DropStop Sealing Additive!


Viscosity Stabilizer

MATHY-VS is available in our online shop in the following units:

  • 250 ml 
  • 3 x 250 ml
  • 5 x 250 ml 
  • 12 x 250 ml
from 29,95 €

= 119,80 € / l

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